Study Fees

Full time (25 hours)
Monday to Friday 9am - 12pm / 1pm - 3pm
$395 per week
Morning Class (15 hours)
Monday to Friday 9am - 12pm
$236 per week
Casual $17 per hour

Administration Fees

Paid once at the start

Enrolment Fee $150
Public Trust Fee $40
Resource Fee $60
Total $250

* Please note that for our intermediate class, you may be asked to buy a course book and workbook. This will be approximately $80 and is paid over and above your course and administration fees. This is not compulsory and will be explained fully to you on enrollment.

Home stay Fees

English Advantage can provide a homestay for you. Homestay offers students an ideal opportunity to improve their English and learn more about the New Zealand way of life.
We think a homestay is an effective way to reinforce the formal learning you do during the day. Our homestay host families speak English as a first language.
The host family provides you with your own bedroom including a desk, wardrobe, linen, heating and internet access. You will be provided with breakfast and dinner.

Placement Fee $150 Paid once at the start
Home stay Fee $335 per week

This costs include food, accommodation and laundry.
Fees Are Shown In New Zealand Dollars
Prices Include GST

* Course fees valid from 1st of January - 31st December 2017

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English Advantage Banking Details

For our students' protection, we use the Public Trust. You need to put your name, student number (on the application form), signature when you deposit your fees to the Public Trust.
Here are the Public Trust bank account details.

Account name Public Trust
Bank Bank of New Zealand North End Branch, Wellington, New Zealand
Account No 020536 0305865 01
Swift Code BKNZNZ22

For more information on financial issues and Fee Indemnity please see our pre-enrollment information on Code of Practice page.

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