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Dunedin, New Zealand! - Map

Second city of the South Island

Dunedin is the second largest city on the mainland of New Zealand. Its population is around 120,000 people and it is widely regarded as the "city of education." Dunedin has a mainly European population and is extremely proud of its Scottish heritage. Dunedin people calls Dunedin the Edinburgh of the South.

Dunedin is widely regarded as the best preserved Victorian and Edwardian heritage city in the southern hemisphere. It is also home to some of New Zealand's top fashion designers and vibrant cafes and bars. The Clock Tower at the University of Otago, New Zealand's oldest and most pre-eminent University, tolls the hours for the lively students who make up almost a fifth of the city's population.


Otago Peninsula, is renowned for the world's only mainland albatross breeding colony at Taiaroa Head and various other ocean bird, seal and penguin species, including one of the world's rarest, the yellow eyed penguin.

The rugged but welcoming hinterland can be accessed via the Taieri Gorge Railway which enables a link to Middlemarch and the Otago Central Rail Trail. Alternatively it scales the cliff tops to provide spectacular views of Port Chalmers and the Pacific Ocean coastline on its Seasider route. This information comes from the first link below...

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Study in New Zealand

Study in New Zealand

Low cost

New Zealand is the most cost effective study option for most students. The New Zealand dollar is usually only 80% (and can fall much lower) of the $US.
The cost of studying in the United States or Britain can often be double the price of a comparable course at English Advantage.
Australian English courses are often more expensive as well as our dollar is about 85% to the Australian dollar.

Modern usage of international English

New Zealand English is a 'middle style' in a world where there are hundreds of accents. Students studying English in New Zealand avoid the regionalism of accents of British English and the increasingly unpopular North American styles.
Being a Pacific country, New Zealand English takes English from Britain and North America and molds them together in a "Middle English" style.

Safe Study Environment

This is only part of the story.
New Zealand is also a very safe country in which to study English and Dunedin in the South Island of New Zealand has a particularly low crime rate compared to other major cities.

Quality Secondary Education In Dunedin

Dunedin has a number of extremely reputable educational institutions which offer secondary education in co-educational and single sex environments. English Advantage works closely with all high schools to ensure that the language needs of students can be met effectively.

St Hilda's Collegiate School is a leading New Zealand Secondary School for girls.

St Hilda's Collegiate School is a leading New Zealand Secondary School for girls. Places at St Hilda's are highly sought after and there is keen competition to win a place by New Zealand students. St Hilda's is a positive, friendly environment where we encourage and celebrate excellence and individual achievement. The school has a maximum roll of 450 girls and we welcome 25 to 30 International students from a variety of countries to St Hilda's. Specialised English language tuition is provided for International students who also access a significant part of their learning programme through our regular classes where they work alongside our New Zealand students building strong friendships and connections. The school was founded in 1896 and today it is a blend of the traditional and the innovative. St Hilda's Collegiate School is a modern, attractive facility situated in the heart of Dunedin. http://www.shcs.school.nz

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