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Dunedin is the second largest city on New Zealand’s mainland and is home to New Zealand’s oldest university - the University of Otago. Dunedin is known as a student city and its economy is largely based around education. Everything is here to make your study easier!

English Advantage in Dunedin

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English Advantage is located within a 10 minute walk from both Otago University and Otago Polytechnic campuses and across the street from the Otago Medical School and Dunedin Public Hospital.
English Advantage is one block from Dunedin’s largest shopping complex and is close to supermarkets, restaurants, cafes and bus routes. Our school really does lie at the heart of the city!

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Scenery of Dunedin

The uniqueness of our school also lies in both the teaching style and the quality of the teachers. The maximum class size is restricted to 10 students but the numbers are usually around 7. All our teachers are ESOL professionals with teaching degrees up to Masters level plus primary and secondary teaching experience. If you attend English Advantage you will part of a small family of learners and your learning strengths will be maximised.
Students at English Advantage can study on a casual or full time basis on a student visa. Students may study over a number of years if they require. We will help arrange a student visa and also all types of accommodation.

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